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Each season, Calgary Opera’s Emerging Artist Development Program provides up to eight young singers with the opportunity to study and perform under a highly prestigious professional staff of teachers and performers.  This program acts as a bridge between post-secondary education and the professional opera world.

Enbridge believes in making communities culturally vibrant through investments in the arts. We thank them for their generous support of our Emerging Artist program.

Silent Night - November 8, 12, 14. Photo by Michal Daniel Photography

We thrive with your support.

Ticket sales cover about half the cost of producing live opera, even on sold-out shows. We rely on government funding, sponsorships from corporations, and charitable donations to ensure that opera is alive and well for our community. 


Jennifer Sproule and Allison Cecilia Arends in Calgary Opera's The Brothers Grimm at Glendale Elementary School. Photo by Alex Bonyun.

Building generations of opera lovers.

Education programs are an essential part of what we do, enriching the experiences of our current patrons and building audiences for tomorrow through our student and young people outreach. This includes great programs like Let’s Create an Opera that gives students the opportunity to create their own original opera and the Opera in Schools Tour that brings one-act operas into schools performed by Calgary Opera’s Emerging Artists.

Talisman Energy believes the arts can make a positive difference to the lives of young people. We thank them for their generous support of our Education programs. 

Madame Butterfly (2014). Photo by Trudie Lee.

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by Giuseppe Verdi

Based on the Shakespearean classic, Otello is a general and decorated war hero who had just returned home to wed his sweetheart, Desdemona. When Otello appoints Cassio captain over Iago, the bitter soldier becomes consumed by jealousy, and concocts a plan to destroy both Cassio and Otello’s happiness.

Sung in Italian with English text projected above the stage

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The Synopsis

Cyprus, late 15th century
A tempest rages as the Moor Otello, general of the Venetian army and governor of the island, arrives in port. Iago, Otello’s ensign, discovers that the man Roderigo has pursued Desdemona to Cyprus in hopes of winning her heart from the general Otello. Promising to help Roderigo, Iago says Desdemona should soon tire of her Moorish husband, adding in bitter jealousy that Otello passed him over for advancement, promoting Cassio instead. Iago proposes a toast; when Cassio declines any more drink, Iago says he cannot refuse to salute Otello’s new wife. Cassio consents and becomes more inebriated as Iago provokes Roderigo to a duel with Cassio. When Montano, Otello’s predecessor in command, tries to separate the two, Cassio attacks him as well. Otello comes out of the castle to restore order. When he sees Desdemona disturbed by the fray, he takes away Cassio’s recent promotion. Sending everyone home, Otello turns to his bride, and they recall how they fell in love. Leading her back into the castle, Otello kisses her.

Iago tells Cassio that by presenting his case to Desdemona he can be reinstated, because Otello is influenced by his wife. As soon as Cassio is out of sight, Iago declares his belief that a cruel God created man wicked, and life has no meaning. Iago watches as Cassio approaches Desdemona in the garden, and when Otello comes in, the lieutenant makes casual remarks about Desdemona’s fidelity. Softened by his wife’s beauty, Otello greets her, but she brings up the question of Cassio’s demotion, annoying him. When she offers a handkerchief to wipe his brow, he throws it to the ground, where her attendant, Emilia, retrieves it. As Desdemona tries to calm Otello, Iago slips the handkerchief to his wife. Otello asks to be alone, and the others leave, except for Iago, who hangs back to observe Otello’s growing suspicion. To fan the flames, Iago invents a story about how Cassio spoke lovingly of Desdemona in his sleep. Then he mentions her handkerchief, saying he saw it in Cassio’s hand. Beside himself, Otello swears to have vengeance, and Iago joins in the oath.

In the armory, Iago tells Otello that more proof is forthcoming of his betrayal by his wife and Cassio. Desdemona enters, and Otello speaks calmly until she revives the subject of Cassio. When Otello demands the handkerchief he gave her, she again pleads for Cassio. Otello calls the shocked woman a courtesan and dismisses her. He cries out that heaven could have afflicted him with anything but this, then hides as Iago returns with Cassio. Iago flashes the handkerchief he stole and leads Cassio on in banter in such a way that Otello overhears only fragments and thinks they are talking about Desdemona. As trumpets announce dignitaries from Venice, Otello vows to kill his wife that very night. The Moor greets Lodovico, who recalls him to Venice and appoints Cassio to govern Cyprus. Losing control at this news, Otello pushes his wife to the floor with insults. He orders everyone out and collapses in a seizure as Iago gloats over him, crying, “Behold the Lion!”

As Emilia helps Desdemona prepare for bed, the frightened woman sings of a maiden forsaken by her lover. Startled by the wind, she bids Emilia an impassioned farewell and kneels in prayer before retiring. As soon as she has dozed off, Otello enters through a secret door and kisses his wife. This wakens her, but the jealous man, deaf to her protestations of innocence, strangles her. Emilia knocks with news that Cassio has killed Roderigo, and upon entering, she is horrified to find the dying Desdemona. Emilia’s summons brings Cassio and Lodovico as well as Iago, who quickly escapes when his wife reveals his treachery. Realizing his tragedy, Otello pulls out a concealed dagger and stabs himself, dying upon a final kiss.


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Madame Butterfly (2014). Photo by Trudie Lee.
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