Students from Hillhurst School creating Doppel during Let's Create an Opera

Building generations of opera lovers.

Education programs are an essential part of what we do, enriching the experiences of our current patrons and building audiences for tomorrow through student and young people outreach. This includes great programs like Let’s Create an Opera that gives students the opportunity to create their own original opera, the Opera in Schools Tour that brings one-act operas into schools performed by Calgary Opera’s Emerging Artists, and Allegro Group for those opera lovers (or soon to be opera lovers) under 35. 


Discover everything you need to know about opera, and Calgary Opera.

This section will teach you everything you need to know about Calgary opera, and opera - from buying a ticket to shouting Toi Toi Toi! at the end of the performance, and everything in-between. You can also discover our Emerging Artist Development Program. Each season, Calgary Opera provides up to eight young singers with the opportunity to study and perform under a highly prestigious professional staff of teachers and performers. This program acts as a bridge between post-secondary education and the professional opera world.

We thrive with your support.

Ticket sales cover less than a third of the cost of producing live opera, even on sold-out shows. We rely on government funding, sponsorships from corporations, and charitable donations to ensure that opera is alive and well for our community. 


Ambur Braid & Adam Luther in The Magic Flute (Photo by Trudie Lee)

Video Rentals


1 -  Sanyo PLC XF10NZL LCD Data Projector (2700 ANSI Lumens) - *LCD Discolouration
1 -  Sanyo PLC EF10N LCD Data Projector (2300 ANSI Lumens)
2 -  Sanyo PLC-XF47 LCD Data Projectors (15,000 ANSI Lumens) **240 volt**
1 -  Acer PD116P DLP Data Projector (no lens options). Not suitable for theatre.


All Sanyo lenses fit all of our Sanyo projectors
2 - Sanyo LNS-W03 Short Fixed Lens 0.8:1
2 - Sanyo LNS-W01Z Short Fixed Lens 1.2:1
1 - Sanyo LNS-T02 Long Throw Zoom Lense 4.6:1 ~ 6.0:1
2 - Sanyo LNS-S01 Standard Zoom 1.8:1 ~ 2.9:1



2 - 6' x 8' Fast Fold rear projection screens with lower black valance (4:3 aspect, suitable for our Sanyo projectors)
1 - 6' x 10'  Fast Fold rear projection screens with lower black valance (16:10 aspect)


Projection Computers are Windows 7 OS with Watchout software installed.

3  Available:
PU: Intel Core i7 X900 @ 3.47GHz
MEM: 6 gb/12 gb
GPU: Gigabyte branded AMD Radeon HD6970.
HDD: 250 gb

*** Note: All equipment may be in use for other Calgary Opera productions.